Thursday, September 29, 2011


oh, and this is the magnificent view of Prague from the hotel rooftop. Pleaae note my new favourite lace-up boots. night night mes belles.

I just got home from Prague from a 2 day conference and I HAD to share this photo with you because mes belles, this is the most wonderful restaurant in the city. It’s called V Zatisi and the food & service is IMPECCABLE. I had foie gras & deer. I felt really sorry for the deer though and how morbid, I wore my Bambi sweater… xoxo

haha, I’m cute & adorable!!! xoxo


Hello. I’m Lulu the pug.


The other night I passed by my fave grocery store while walking Lulu and I couldn’t resist the lovely plums staring at me from the shopwindow! One word came to my mind: PLUMPIE! I was tired as hell but I made it and yet it was rewarding, the house smellt like heaven and tadaa that was the result, a golden-purple colour yummy pie!!! xoxo mes belles

Monday, September 26, 2011


This is a true vintage look, mes belles, featuring my new favourite item for the fall season, an adorable brown lether vintage coat! It’s perfect for the not too cold, not too warm end of summer weather and I really love combining its beautiful warm brown colour with shades of purple, mauve, mustard yellow and blue. Oh, and a matching colour of lipshade! I was full of Monday morning energy when these photos were taken and now it’s almost midnight and I’m waiting for the plum pie to get ready in the oven, it smells like heaven and I’m totally braindead so sorry for this messy post.

Have a lovely night, mes belles! xoxo

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today David’s agency created a pro-social campaign for Transparency International and as the weather was sunny and the location was great (a former leather factory) we joined him for the last couple of hours of the shooting. Lulu had a great time discovering the trash around the building and now she is so tired that she is snoring out loud in my lap.

I wore vintage Levi’s shorts, a vintage pair of western boots, a Bambi sweatshirt found @ H&M kids.

Night, night, mes belles! xoxo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Please let me introduce you to the prettiest and most romantic vintage lace dress ever, the newest addition to Katika’s Vintage Gardrobe! The old yellow suitcase was found on the street. Love its mustard yellow colour so much! Hope you enjoy your weekend, mes belles!!!xoxo

haha, Lulu is a bit out of herself on this photo but she is very very sleepy!!! Yesterday night we tried food @Bar Ladino and it’s been great. Especially if it’s Friday night and you accompany food with some gorgeous red wine. Happy weekend, mes belles! xoxo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Isn’t she the cutest thing on earth?

That’s lady Lulu, chewing on a bone before going to bed. goodnight mes belles! xx


I ran into these fantastic backstage photos of Ivana Helsinki’s runway show for her A/W2011-12 collection on Honey Kennedy and I’m still amazed by these beautiful beehives!!! Jen of Honey Kennedy was so cool that she even shared a link with a great tutorial if you’re inspired to get your own beehive hairdo.

My mum’s a hairdresser, I cannot wait to ask her to have mine:)!

Have a happy Thursday, mes belles!!!

Beehives by Warren Tricomi.

Image courtesy of The Fashion Wire.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Playing garderobe mix & match with friends is always fun! Especially when you have a gorgeous friend ready to try on everything!!! Pls note, mes belles, the lovely items straight from katikavintage! <3

this week’s phtography post is featuring an awesome editorial I accidentaly found on Muse. I have just been wondering how I’ve been missing the new Mad Men season this fall (due to late production it will only premiere in spring 2012) and now I’m happy because these looks & outfits are so inspirational and bring back the ’60s extravaganza I was missing! <3

Photography by Mariano Vivanco Fashion by Beth Fenton for Muse

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


today is my lovely sis’ bday and we organized a surprise party for her @ the bar near her office. bdays are always great occasions to dress up a bit so I picked a beautiful silk blouse (once my mum’s), a soo chanel blazer, a mauve hat, and knicker denim shorts. All items vintage! xoxo

Monday, September 19, 2011

another photo of this gorgeous dress!

pls, mes belles, have a look at the most adorable vintage dress on earth! it was a birthday present from my bf and I’m so fond of it, I could wear it like every day:) the lovely Italian vintage shoes from a thrift shop in Berlin & the old bag (once must have belonged to a French teacher) are just perfect match!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

my 4 new absolute fave vintage items from this weekend’s treasure hunt.


mes belles, I just cannot wait to share with you all the lovely new vintage clothes I found on my usual treasure hunt on Saturday. they are just perfect! there are 4 fave items, 2 very retro tops covered with flitters and 2 high waisted pencil skirts, a leopard faux fur and a b&w polka dot knitted skirt! check out the photos! I cannot wait to wear them all! more to follow soon in katika’s vintage gardrobe:)!

this my tiny desk where i usually work, usually covered with a way too many things i’m just not able to get rid of:)!

couldn’t resist to share my new fave cute spot in our home, the bedroom wall full of old b&w photos and family portraits in lovely antique frames! i cannot wait to add some new ones to the collection :)! xxxx

lovely pre-fall view from our bedroom window…

Pardon Garçon (by Katika S.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Each and Every Day (by Katika S.)

let me introduce my new favourite vintage dress I got from my love. amazing colours and the cutest collar on earth! and please note the lovely corner where I’m sitting, this is my little desk @ home where I make the lovely tiebows or write funny letters on the ancient typewriter. I dream about working all day here! xoxo mes belles!

LIVE FOR LOVE (by Katika S.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

my fave vintage skirt once belonged to my mother. found this adorable streetart door in our neighbourhood.

that’s how lulu travels when we cruise around budapest:)

the man with mexico hat & dog in the basket. spotted @ the street fesztival.

today we did NOTHING special and it felt so great! a perfect sunny Saturday afternoon downtown where we found the coolest street festival! it reminded me of my fave little hood in berlin, called prenzlauerberg, where i once would like to live with my bf & kids:)

Friday, September 9, 2011

hello weekend!!! sis&me very happy heading to her graduation & my bday bbq party!!!!xxx

Sunday, September 4, 2011

best hangover cure!

I had to share this amazing photo taken last weekend @ the late. despite all the rumours whether pugs can swim or not, Lulu is my first dog who actually ADORES swimming, she can spend the entire day in the lake fetching sticks. on this photo she looks like a catfish.

shall we meet on the rooftop? (by Katika S.)