Monday, October 31, 2011


Have you seen anything more spectacular than this stunning green vintage skirt with lovely pleats and gold buttons? I’m telling you, mes belles, this skirt is heaven! I felt the prettiest in it despite the fact that a grumpy old lady seeing me in the street this morning said: ‘Jesus!’ in the most méfiant way people can imagine.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello mes belles, sorry for disappearing for the past two days but thanks to All Saints Day, Monday and Tuesday were both off, we got a long weekend and it was packed with programs!
It’s now the last evening and David had to go to his office to edit an advertisment so I’m alone in the house and I just realized that it’s the Sunday evening blues that is slowly crawling into the living room making me sad that the long weekend is not ahead of me but it’s over and I have to go to work tomorrow.
It should’t be like this but it’s so easy to feel this self-pity and despair.
Ok, you know what? I will try to turn this into something positive. I will make a list of the things that made me happy this weekend. Here you go, mes belles:
*a lovely Friday night with amazing Pinot Noir and girly chat with a long time not seen friend
*a funny and interesting photo shoot @ our place - being part of an amazing photo project that I will have to tell more about later
*an amazing night with another long time not seen friends with home made vegan food, great vine and amazing atmosphere
*lunch @ Momotaro, best ramen in town
*visiting cemetery @ my gradnparents’ lovely village
*amazing autumn colours of the forest en route
*a squirrel crossing the road en route
*Sena new album launch concert @ boat A38 with friends
*after-party yummy quesadilla @ El Rapido
*lovely lazy aftenoon walk on Margaret island with David’s French relatives, speaking French again, collecting beautiful leaves
*smell of banana-cashew nut muffins in the oven
Ok. I’m feeling much better as amazing things are happening to me. Each and every day. And no matter how much work is waiting for me from tomorrow I’ll be just fine. Have you realized I’ve been writing down amazing like 5 times in this post? Haha,that’s my new mantra word!
Oh, and I hope you’ll LOVE this beautiful gauged sleeves vintage dress, I feel so special anytime I’m wearing it. It’s the kind of dress I’ve been dreaming of when I was a little girl reading of Anne Shirley of Green Gables. Her love for gauged sleeves was just contagious. I’m wearing it with lovely tights from ASOS.
Have a great week, mes belles, full of amazing things.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Mes belles, let me introduce you the newest addition to the garderobe, these high waisted, lovely khaki corduroy pants. They remind me to those pants I used to wear when I was just a small schoolgirl and it was my mom picking the clothes for me every morning. It’s always been a big fight as I was always messing up her choices, I kinda already did the garderobe mix’n’match thing, but more unconsciously. Then she realized it’s easier if she leaved it all on me so she just gave me some guidelines like ‘wear tights with the skirt it’s cold outside’ and I was the happiest person on earth picking my outfit every day. Soon I got my own pocket money and as it was not enough to buy new clothes at the local boutiques I went to my hometown’s only thriftshop and I remember how delightful it felt to find a velvet turtleneck top and a lovely kilt at the bottom of a pile, both in my size!!! I think that was the very moment I fell in love with thrift shops and the whole treasure hunt thing.
I have some gorgeous new items added to the garderobe this week, one of them is a super soft leather jacket from the ’80s with bat sleeves and bright mustard yellow, orange and turquoise colours. It’s the sort of jacket I may dedicate to a super extravagant friend of ours as it’s totally her style. Photos soon.
Oh and here is a photo of the corduroy pants, I hope you’ll like it. I wore it with a soft sweater from Vera Moda and my indispensable black boots. I just realized I’ve been using our bedroom’s blue door as a background for all my outfit photos lately but I love it so much!!! I hope you’re not bored with it, it adds a little twist to all outfits.
Now I gotta go, mes belles, it’s Saturday morning and I have to take Lulu down for a wee!
Have a wonderful long weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today was a very special day as I had to represent the company @ a job fair @ Corvinus university. I’m not really used to public speeches so I was quite out of my figure in the morning. To calm my nerves I had this marvellous red berry spongecake @ a lovely café and it turned out all good at the end. My presentation went fine, the audience was great and I don’t know how captivating it was but by the end of the day HR collected hundreds of cvs from prospective trainees. I wore a lovely vintage outfit as a company representative hope it helped to sell the speech. Photos coming up soon, mes belles!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hello mes belles, let me introduce you to one of my favourite fall outfits: a gorgeous ruby wine colour vintage wool skirt (warmwarmwarm!!!) found in my mom’s garderobe, a cute peter pan collar top (a must buy @ H&M) and a lovely white vintage sweater with batsleeves.
It’s really the sort of outfit keeping you warm and making you smile.


Monday, October 24, 2011


oh, and I couldn’t resist to share this photo, that’s Lulu in her new blue collar. Isn’t she the prettiest?


Hello mes belles, yesterday I have spent the most relaxing and tranquille Sunday afternoon at home, it was a typical October lazing afternoon, gloomy and grey weather outside, warm and lovely atmosphere inside.

I couldn’t rest though (the usual thing) I had this urge to make an apple pie. This was an American pie recipe, it’s so easy and rewarding, especially if you have some unattended guests popping in.

Lulu was the greatest sous-chef ever, snoring heavily on the couch.

I have some new vintage items arriving today, I’ll make sure to keep you posted!

Have a great week, mes belles, with less rain and grey clouds. I cannot beleive it’s actually already dark and it’s just 4:30 pm.



Saturday, October 22, 2011


mes belles, this is what I wore for the wedding party tonight. I’m really sorry it’s only a phone photo but hope you can still see that it’s a stunning blue vintage dress with a cute black velvet collar. I wore it with gold leggings and a fur jacket.


hello mes belles, this is going to be a short post as I have to get ready in like 30 minutes to go to a friend’s wedding party and I haven’t even washed my hair yet, oh lalala! I hope there will be lovely music as I miss DANCING so much!!!! My friends are calling me vintage granny as I cannot attend the same electro & breakbeat parties I used to, I crave GOOD TUNES I can dance to !!!

Sometimes we turn our living room into a ballhaus with David, it’s so funny to dance together like an oldskool couple!

On this photo I’m actually dancing with myself as these clothes I was wearing yesterday made me to move!

I’m wearing a Bambi tee from Pull&Bear, a lace skirt from ASOS, and my fave Hunter wellies as it was raining cats & dogs!

Now I’m rushing to wash my hair, mes belles! Have a lovely Saturday night!!!



Friday, October 21, 2011


Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re surrounded with wonderful, talented people. I’d been working with a new collegue, Kriszti for months when someone revealed she was a singer and I fell in love with her voice and music from the very first moment. Her voice is a bliss, their music defined as experimental minimalist avantpop, Morningdeer is a refreshing band on the Hungarian music scene. Don’t miss their gig tonight, their going to perform alongside with Harcsa Veronika, Odett, Nemjuci, Fábián Juli @ a lovely downtown bar in Budapest. More info: Anormal Sessions Hope to see you there, mes belles <3 ! PS: Kriszti, the bambi-like singer from Morningdeer is going to wear one of the cutest dresses from katika vintage!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


hello mes belles, long time, no post. I know, I’m really sorry I’ll try to keep you updated even if my hormones are just making me moody and sad and not inspired at all to post anything. But it’s all gone now, I’ve decided to follow this great, wise advice (very cliché): ‘Mind over matter’.

Yesterday I felt a bit sick and gloomy and so sad that I almost started to cry in my self-agony at the office. To give myself a great treat I went home early, had a long and steaming bath with a great book on Indonesia and a cup of hot tea and aspirin and then I felt reborn.

Today I’m again the usuaal happy and busy me, wearing a beautiful vintage outfit I didn’t have time in the morning to take a photo of, but I won’t leave you without nice illustration for this post, mes belles!

Here you go, here are the lovely photos of last weekend’s excursion session, this time to a beautiful place called Királyrét. If you would like to translate it, it’s Kings’ Meadow, it’s in the Danube Bend and it’s hills and colourful woods and fallen leaves all over. It was sunny and the air was so fresh and smelled marvellous!

We started to follow a tourist sign, a blue square which turned out to lead us nowhere special so after a long, 3-hour walk up on a hill we decided to go back to a lovely clearing to grill some sausages. Wow, I think food prepared in such nomad circumstances are always the best! You cannot add the taste of smoke to your food at home. Or you can do, David the other day bought a small bottle of liquid smoke, but it cannot be the same!

Anyway. A last round of hot wine in the rest-house was a great treat after the long walk and in the chillingly cold evening weather and I’m not exaggerating if I say I had a greatest sleep at night after this trip for a long-long time.

I cannot wait to plan our next trip!

Now work and work. There are some lovely new vintage outfits recently added to the garderobe, I’ll make sure I’ll keep you posted on that one as well. You’ll only have to sleep a few more weeks and it’s all becoming available.

Soon, mes belles!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

the red beret.


The other day I was reading lovely Annika’s post on how we overplan every single minute of our lives and I could not stop thinking about it because she just nailed it.

I mean there’s this constant desire to fully utilize our time and we end up being so frustrated about all the things we have to do that the whole thing looses its positive context. It just makes us worried and stressed out. And then we think, okay, this is a hard time now but when we’ll go on holiday it will be very different, we’ll relax and chill out and take care of our souls’ needs.

Or that’s what at least I thought when we went on a 3-week holiday last year to Asia and as the date of departure was approaching I totally freaked out, I read the entire lonely planet book on our itinerary, visited all forums, noted useful hints & tips until I felt fully prepared. And then we arrived and I won’t say planning ahead was not useful but it was there I realized how important spontaneity is. That’s how after one week I managed to let my plan go and when a cool couple from Kent asked if we wanted to join them hopping to an island not on our list we said why not and those 6 days turned out to be the best part of the whole journey.
I know it has to do something with our ego being afraid of mortality giving us this urge to get the plan right, that’s how we feel secure.

As a Virgo, for me it’s even worse my whole life is in pre-written chapters and spreadsheets in my head. Even if a bit slowly but I learn to let it go…

Sorry for this long and probably boring post, mes belles, I just wanted to tell you that adding spontaneity to your life is not easy but it’s rewarding.

This is what wore today: a turquoise coloured vintage sweater found at a lovely Sunday morning market in Berlin, high waisted red shorts & black boots from Asos and a simple black blazer I don’t remember from where. oh, and the red beret is also vintage!



Wednesday, October 12, 2011



There was this movie, Working Girl, when I was pretty young, with Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver and I cannot really recall the story in details but there was a ski accident and the boss had to stay home, so the talented secretary (Melanie Griffith) got the chance to show the world how great she really was and amaze the biggest client of the company (in the boss’s absance). OMG, the hairdos and costumes in this movie are so ’80s! Well, it’s a 1988 movie (now I looked it up on imdb) so there’s nothing surprising about it, right?

I really don’t know why this movie came to my mind when I decided to post this outfit photo, maybe because that’s how I felt like today morning, a working girl!

Hope you’ll like this beautiful vintage shirt with a houndstooth pattern all over and beautiful shades of mauve & plum!

That’s how an otherwise boring Wednesday workday can be turned into something less ordinary!

Night night, mes belles!!!




And The Forest Began To Sing (by Katika S.)

Monday, October 10, 2011


hellos mes belles, today is a very special day as one of my best friends, Sophie’s baby was born this morning.
This is incredible. I know, that’s how life is, right? You grow up, get a job, have a boyfriend, get settled and then have lots of children, a dog and live your adult life. But it feels so extraordinary when it’s happening to you and your friends!

Sophie is a great friend, she is the one giving me advice when life seems too messy and tough, she is the one not giving me the words I wanna hear but always something wise and adult.She is my guru.

And now she’s become a mom. It’s awesome. She is going to be great, I’m absolutely sure. Her son, Beni, a double Libra is going to be the most well-balanced baby on earth.

Welcome Beni <3

You have now 7 aunties to count on.

Even if one of them is a crazy vintage lady.




The Polka Dot Skirt (by Katika S.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


hello mes belles.
Fall arrived yesterday morning with a chilling wind, a mist of rain, grey clouds and grumpy people all over the streets of downtown Budapest. I know fall is summer’s cheeky little brother and he is a moody one but I LOVE this season. I love the colours, smells, how it brings people closer in their warm and cozy homes, love pumpkin & plum, the taste of beaujolais nouveau and roast goose and the fact that I can finally wear my fall gardrobe. Here is what I picked for today, a lovely vintage shirt with a retro floral pattern, my fave Levi’s denim shorts, a burgundi colour lipshade matching my tights and a funny floppy hat, making me smile. These pics were taken @ the park behind my mum’s place @ my hometown, the countryside can be so much nicer than Budapest not only during fall but anytime!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


hello mes belles, let me show you the most adorable frill dress in the world with its golden shade, perfect length and lovely frills all over. It’s like a dream. Every morning it’s so hard to wake up early but after figuring out the perfect outfit for that day, I always feel so chilled & happy. Ready for a day stuffed with meetings and challenges. I’m working for MTV Networks, I’m responsible for 2 music channels but while I’m a dedicated employee during the day, I turn into a hopeless romantic right afer leaving the office, obsessed with vintage clothes, gourmet food, lovely wines, love & happiness. Usually I try hard to balance these two sides of life and I end up being up late at night doing all the OTHER things feeding my soul. I’m so very happy as I’m on holiday tomorrow so I’ll finally have time to get my bike fixed, pick up a big bag of vintage treasures, have lunch with my best friend from primary school, shop a bit @ Ikea and spend my evening with my adoreable sis. Lovely plans ahead and yep, David is on travel so it’s going to be a chick chic day indeed:)!
Have a lovely evening mes belles, xoxo

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


bonjour mes belles,

It’s so beautiful and sunny today in Budapest, it’s a sin to work in the office today, I have to though!

If it was a day for myself I would wake up without my annoying alarm clock around 8, would have a long and lazy latte session on the couch with lulu in my lap, then we would go for a long walk in one of the nearby parks then I would have an amazing ham&eggs breakfast @ the new, lovely café, Nostro run by two expat Italians….

I love daydreaming…

Till then, here are some of the photos taken last weekend in the woods near my hometown.

Hope you’ll like the beautiful vintage lace dress, I’m totally in love with it!

Dress soon available <3 !



Tuesday, October 4, 2011


hello mes belles, this is a stamp created especially for David’s creative agency, prOud.

Monday, October 3, 2011


sorry, mes belles, this is going to be supercute. that’s Lulu sleeping with her new buddy.


hello mes belles,

This absolutely crazy, I think I need a training on time management or something, every weekend passes by like a sigh (ohoho, I’m very poetic today). I’m planning ahead so many things to do and then I’m ending up sitting on the couch on Sunday evening wondering about how come I didn’t really have time for any of those things on my list…

It’s not like I’m not doing anything at all, but I’m working so hard in the office from Monday to Friday that I really wanna squeeze all the things I LOVE to do in these 2 days and that’s it. It’s Monday again and still a lot on my list..

I did some really exciting things though!!! On Saturday, it was so very sunny that it almost felt like a late summer day, which is kind of weird for the first day of October. But we did profit from the lukewarm sunny weather and visited my second dad (ex-husband of my mom and not my biological father but a loveable friend though) in a tiny and adorable village in the Danube bend and went on a trip in the woods to do a little photoshoot on the latest F/W vintage items in my garderobe.

OMG, you gotta see the photos soon! David is so great with his camera, I find the photos he made truly amazing, a perfect fit for these beautiful vintage clothes! I cannot wait to make a post on that very soon!!!

On Sunday we did another photoshoot, this time for one of my best friends, Titi, she just turned 30 and as she is stilly young and beautiful we offered her the photoshoot as a present, so that she can show her kids how their gorgeous mummy looked like when she was young & fabulous & crazy. Mostly crazy.

The photos were made by a professional, a great friend and a true talent, Andy.

I cannot wait to show you the results - but till then, here are some werk photos.

Location - our home. Photo assistant - Barbara. Make-up, hair & styling - me:).

Have a lovely week, mes belles!