Thursday, January 26, 2012


2 good things about today:
1) I have accomplished a wohole list of things I have been procrastinating for a while now, I felt like a hero of the day, hooray!
2) I'm back to yoga! A fascinating evening class with incredible streching poses and I feel like a newborn, not sleepy at all, though it's already midnight.

Yepp, mes belles, working out a bit can be very rewarding!

Here is today's outfit: a candy pink vintage silk blouse with my fave high waist Asos red shorts.

Night, night! <3

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Tadaam, it's done! We had to make a selection of thousands of pretty photographs but the photo album on our Asia trip is finally ready. Get lost in Malaysia and Indonesia for a moment here.

You now understand this whole colour issue, don't you?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I was not planning on writing a long post on these lovely photos, I was thinking I would let the colours speak. Really. Me, the back in two years absolutely monochrome girl having all these colours in my wardrobe? It truly makes me smile. The other day I was having an evening rendez-vous with sis and she couldn't help gasping when seeing my outfit. I was wearing colours. Bright blue, ruby red, mesmerizing fuchsia and orange. With gold, oh, tons of gold accessories. I might have overdone it a bit but since being back from Asia I'm missing those vibrant colours so so much so I have to use my own weapons to fight the Budapest grey.

So here is another loud and proud colour combination for you, mes belles. I'm wearing a vivid green vintage skirt with lovely front pleats and golden buttons, a pink top from H&M, an old cotton blazer and my Asos wedges.


Friday, January 20, 2012


It's winter time in Budapest. When I'm writing this post I'm sitting in a cozy cafe, sipping on my Friday 6o'clock tea, having relaxed people chatting and making plans for the weekend all around me. It's incredible how fast this week passed by, I felt like doing my days with a slow, resigned automatism, waking up in the morning, catching up with my work, feeding my soul with something nice in the evening and then curling up with Lulu on the sofa, diving in to a deep, dreamless sleep.
It's okay. In this dreamy, cold and dark weather you don't expect anything extraordinary to happen.
Except for 2 things.
News 1: my JC Lanas has arrived!!! I wish I could show them to you with a lovely outfit right now, but I have to wait because...
News 2: I fell in a boat in Asia and I bruised my foot and ankle. I admit it looked so bad that I didn't dare to tell my mum, not to make her worry. But after 3 weeks it still looked kind of bad, so after all my friends and family constantly hassling that I should see a doctor I went to see a radiologist and it turned out that I have a big, nasty hematome. It doesn't mean that I'm grounded but I obviously I cannot wear heels before it's getting better. So instead of sweating at bikram yoga classes and dressing up for glamourous eating outs I'm reading books and healing my poor hematome with herbal creams.

Poor lonely JC Lanas, hope to wear you soon <3 !

Have a lovely weekend, mes belles!

Monday, January 16, 2012


The other day I was having this interesting discussion with my boyfriend on the concept of recycling and reusing goods and we both agreed that wearing vintage clothes is a rather eco-friendly hobby as I'm not buying anything new, I'm just restyling these 10, 20 or even 30+ year-old items.

But I'm a bit confused when it comes to vintage furs. I do care about animal walfare, I buy free range eggs and meat, I had plenty of homeless cats and dogs, a whole animal hospital in my father's garage, Gerald Durrel was my role model and for years my dream was becoming a vet.
Now being obsessed with the whole vintage thing I felt very weird when my mom told me she had a really nice surprise for me and it turned out that it was her old cossack fur hat from the '80s.
Despite the initial disapproval I discovered how incredibly warm the hat was and now, after discussing this whole reusing/recycling concept I feel a bit more confident wearing these vintage fur clothes.
Here is my list of pros and cons.

They are incredibly warm.
They were made ages ago.
They would just probably end up in the garbage or moth-eaten.
They are pretty.
They go so well with vintage dresses.

I'm wearing the skins and furs of dead animals - awkward!
No, I don't think that I can make that part acceptable. Anyway, I don't have any non-vintage and non-fur winter coats at the moment and it's very very cold in Budapest. Minus 5 today. And I'm re-using them.

All frowns of disapproval are accepted.
I'm still publishing today's outfit photo, I really loved the combination of the colours fudge and silver, brown and grey.

Night, night, mes belles, I'm too tired.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


I find the change radical.
This time last week I was probably sipping on an icecold lime juice on a lovely terrace in Bali and I was probably wearing one of the 5(!!!) tops, all of them 100% cotton, that I permitted myself to pack for the whole 3 week journey in Asia. Now, being back to Budapest with all the lovely vintage clothes in the closet I feel a bit out of my usual daily mix'n'match routine. Yesterday I caught myself standing puzzled in front of my beautiful garderobe and missing a bit all the sans souci outfits of Bali.

But don't worry mes belles, I promise I won't turn into some sort of bohemian Bahia lady wearing just sarongs and tees and not posting any vintage eye candies anymore.

Haha, hell no!

Here is one of last week's lovely outfits, a true one of a kind knitted polka dot pencil skirt and a very FW10 Chanel inspired blazer.
Both of them vintage.

I'll be back with some new treasures next week!
Till then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I remember watching the movie Flashdance all over and over again back in the ’80s. It was a true favourite of mine, the VHS tape just got ruined as I rewinded the tape just too many times to learn the dance steps.
The heroine, Alex was a big idol of mine as I was kinda obsessed with my whole jazz ballet thing back then.

Now, after asking my mom to cut me a fringe I feel like being back in the ’80s, I find this new hairdo so very Flashdance.

Oh, gosh, sometime I regret so much giving up my promising dance carrier so early:).

Here is what I wear today:
a very cool wool tee I found in a small shop in KL, a vintage faux fur pencil skirt, wool tights (warm!!!) and my indispensable asos boots.

Hope you’ll like my new hair!

Here are some pics from the movie, after browsing through all these photos, I think I’m going to watch the movie tonight. Again.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm back. Three words and a whole new world. Still feeling a bit jetlagged and weird to wear all these layers in snowy Budapest, but it's so true, after 3 weeks of Indonesia paradise I'm home.

Happy happy new year to all of you, lovely readers, may this be the year when all your secret wishes come true!

I will be back to blogging, keeping you posted on all my new and lovliest vintage finds and I do hope that all this sunshine, balance, energy and love these 3 weeks filled me with will just spread all over the lines and photos.

Here is a sneak peak on this incredible trip.
And just one more thing and I'm really trying hard not to be cheesy at all: Ubud is the place to be. I know, it sounds very Eat, Pray, Love but it really is. An amazing busy little town, in the heart of Bali where we found great new friends, art, incredibly nice locals and a lush rice paddies and river vallies. We'll be back for sure.

ps: don't expect any outfit photos, bear in mind that I have been backpacking in SEA during wet season!!!