Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hey, ladies, I got this terrible flu and I've been grounded for the whole weekend. Yep, I lay sick in front of a SATC marathon drinking hot tea and that's all. The last thing I did and is worth mentioning was last Thursday when I went to an exhibition opening. Ív & Candie is an amazing and very inspiring photographer duo, Trash-Kitsch-Hunters, according to them. Check out their blog for some true one-of-a-kind-shots and if you have time, visit the exhibition @ Liget gallery. I was a proud pug mom, seeing Lulu up on the wall, thanks so much, Ív & Candie:)!
This is what I was wearing: a retro print vintage dress, a small black hat from divided and my asos wedges.

Since then only flannel pyjamas, soft scarves around my neck, wollen knitted socks. Being sick sucks.
I remember my friend, Anna doing a lovely chic-sick mix'n match set on I wish I could find it to show it to you, it was so cute! Anna, if you read this post and you can track that back, please do and share:)!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


If you asked me which shoes I've been craving the most last year, the answer would be so easy! The Jeffrey Campbell Litas! Perfectly designed platform heels totally revamping any outfit they are accompanying! When I bumped into the irresistable black friday sales on back in November, a true dream came true (cheesy, I know), a pair of gorgeous JC Lanas landed in my virtual basket. Then I had the accident and the Siberian weather, so the girls had to wait in their lovely box for weeks, but today I could officially show them off! Yepp, ladies, let me introduce you my beloved Lanas.
Hope you'll love the first mixnmatch they inspired, I couldn't resist to pair them with this quirky, sunny yellow!
Spring is here soon, ladies, long live the JC and his incredible shoes!

This is what I'm wearing: Mickey Mouse tee - Urban Outfitters, denim pencil skirt & fur coat - vintage, JC Lanas.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yesterday I found true teenage inspiration all around the web. First, I ran into this irresistible moodboard on Kate's Closet @ asos blog, with amazing outfits from this season's Meadham & Kirchoff show! God, ladies, if you haven't checked it out yet, it's truly a must see! I remember standing at the Marie Claire fashion show with my friend, Anna, we were soo bored with the overwhelming blacks, greys, plain dresses without something crossing the line. We were standing there and instead of watching the live fashion show we were browsing through our fave shows on That's where I first ran into the outrageous show. Now the novelty outfits are back on KC's inspiration moodboard and I couldn't agree more! I would love to wear any of them this season!!! I will copy some of my favourites here!
Then, having some serious work to do, I plugged my ears and I was listening to a playlist called 'Highschool Sweethearts' on rookiemag.
Awww, I wish I was a teenager again.

Here is yesterday's outfit and a surprise gif made with my new moquu app, who said your feel-age wasn't your true age:)?


Here is what I'm wearing: vintage polka dot denim skirt, divided tee, vintage silk scarf wore as a headband.

have a lovely day, ladies!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hey-yooo, the kicking-ass brand new Dazed February playlist is plugged in my ears and the fresh MIA track, Bad Girls is the perfect soundtrack for this Friday afternoon end-of-the-week state of mind of mine.

Bad news is that I'm grounded for tonight as after choosing the perfect outfit for this grey, Siberian snowy day I fell badly when walking Lulu, yepp, it was the ice under the freshly fallen snow, I just bumped my knee so badly that I can barely walk now.

Yes, it's the same leg I have the hematome in, I'm starting to think I'm damned for my entire life and gravity has this special effect on me. I have always been this falling, bumping into everything since I was a child, not much progress here since.. This is the reason I'm not driving and this is the reason my boyfriend gave this adorable 'ouch' kit for me for valentine's, packed with heart printed and shaped adhesive patches.

So, tonight is the night to catch up on this week's fave series premieres, watch the available Oscar nominees and wash some lovely new vintage treasures. And drink some tasty pinot, because it's been a tough week @ work.

Please note that the outfit photos were taken before the fall, I wish you could see the after ones when I was removing the torn, bloody tights and I have been walking around with this 'ouch, it really hurts' face in the office.
Yepp, the feeling TGIF & sexxxxy part was definitely gone.

This is what I'm (was) wearing: a lovely tee from KL, a printed Divided scarf, my ghetto biatch earrings, my indispensable vintage denim shorts, my Hunters as it's been snowing all day and somw wollen knitted socks.

So it's Friday. Do something great.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


I really can't get enough of it's striking colour, the lovely golden heart on the front, it's perfect size and the fact that it's daring shape and colour makes it the perfect bag for the upcoming season. Yepp, mes belles, please meet my new Topshop bag.
Today I'm pairing it with some lovely colour accessories and deep black. Cannot wait to leave the tights part. Weatherman says spring is here in 2 weeks, I'm so excited! So many new darlings in the garderobe to show off!

This is today's outfit: vintage Levi's denim shorts, Asos boots, Divided blouse & cardigan aaaand the Topshop backpack!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey-yoo, mes belles, it's been a long long time since my last post, I'm really sorry but I was a bit overwhelmed with work, I had to visit the new HQ in London and I have to disappoint you there was no fancy shopping and cruising around downtown involved, I spent 2 entire days in the Camden office from early morning till late night and the only freetime I had was a 30 minute lunch break. Yepp, things have been busy around here! However, I have some gorgeous and funky new items added to the vintage garderobe, which I will be more than happy to share with you in tons of upcoming posts! Hooray, kTika is back in town:)!

On this snowy winter day I'm feeling very glamrock and I'm wearing this funky knitted vintage gilet. It's so D&G!!! Oh, and I will have to post a close up of the funny broche I got from David for our 6th (!!!) anniversary! It says 'excellent employee' and it was given as a reward in the communist era. Yepp, it's vintage:)!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I found this gorgeous, amazing colour silk blouse at H&M the other day and I'm totally in love with it! Doing my little tour de shops, i have to say that the bit edgy & daring H&M trend collection has the most exciting items of the upcoming season. Flashy neons, elegance with a twist, I cannot wait to try them all! I'll make sure to cover that in an upcoming post.

This is what I wore: H&M silk blouse, high waist denim pencil skirt (vintage), Asos wedges.

Have a lovely day and wear double tigths, it's freezingly cold outside!!!