Thursday, April 26, 2012


I saw a friend's post today morning on facebook complaining about the cold and rainy weather in Brussels. Poor thing! I'm really lucky as here in Budapest the sunny days have finally arrived! We have a long weekend ahead of us with pretty promising temperature (almost 30 degrees on Sunday) and lots of sun!
With the warm weather downtown Budapest turns into a mini festival scene, the open air places become crowded and nothing is nicer than sip on an ice cold pink rose spritzer on a terrace after a hard day at work.
And I do have some hard days at the office this week so to beat the higher tension and pressure, I'm riding my bike every day and I'm always wearing something that cheers me up. Haha, I fight the stress with vintage clothes!
These flower print trousers are the comfiest ones ever, the fabric is super soft, it actually feels like wearing nothing!

This is what I'm wearing: vintage flower print trousers, Divided top, lace socks, Asos flats & sunglasses.

I'm off to the office early this morning as I have way too much things to do but I promise I'll be back with pretty surprises this weekend!

Happy sunny day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ladies, I'm so in love with the new spring and summer dresses in the garderobe, I cannot wait to show all of them to you! It's always hard to let all these pretty dresses go, but now I'm getting sort of used to it, especially when receiving lovely feedback on how happy you are with your new treasures!
But this dress, I'm still not sure if I will ever be able to say goodbye to it. The light, cotton fabric and the lovely polka dot print makes it the perfect spring dress. Not to mention the adorable collar and the 3 front buttons.
I paired it with my new Marni for H&M heels. I really loved how the wood and deep green leather of the sandals matched the dress.
I hope you'll love the outfit too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I wanted to say a big thank you to so many of you visiting my pretty stall on Sunday at Prop Club! It's been a great experience, I cannot wait to do it again! Unfortunately I only have a few instagrams shot as I've been too busy to cover it properly, but I do hope it gives you back the feeling a bit! Lulu was the best assistant ever!
Oh, and wow, it's been so inspiring to meet some great people there, I cannot wait to collaborate with them, I have some cool stuff on my mind!
I'll keep you posted, ladies, and thanks again for your lovely feedback, it means me the world! Really!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hey ladies, as promised earlier today, here is today's outfit post, a brief one, as I'm literally braindead, sorry. I've been very busy with many different things lately and I'm so happy that many pretty vintage dresses have found new owners already! Tomorrow the garderobe will be open for a few hours in the early evening, I'm really excited about the whole gig. The dresses are all clean and ironed, waiting for you on the standers, it will be pretty hard to say goodbye to some of them!
Here is one of my favourite ones, the aztec print dress. I love the colours and the shape of the dress so much! I really felt Coachella inspired this morning so I paired it with white crochet socks and my brown leather flats. I cannot wait for the festival season to begin!
Have a good night ladies, hope to see some of you tomorrow! <3

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey ladies, the garderobe will be open this Friday from 6 to 9 pm. Come and grab a pretty dress before the weekend starts! I'm happy to help and have a chat <3
1082 Budapest, Kisfaludy u. 19., doorbell 12


This season I'm in LOVE with maxi dresses. I haven't really worn maxi skirts or dresses in the past few years and with this growing obsession about vintage clothes, I've rediscovered them.
They make you look tall and feminine and this particular dress on the photo is making a lovely whizzing sound while walk. Isn't is pretty?
I wore it for a special occasion (I cannot really complain, there are many these days), we had a press conference for one of our TV channels (my real workplace) and I paired it with a vintage fur coat and my wedges but I hid the heels under the skirt so at the end of the day everyone thought I was very tall.
I told you, maxi skirts/dresses are awesome;)

Now, I have 3 bags of new arrivals to clean & iron, have a nice evening ladies <3

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey ladies, I just wanted to let you know, that one-of-a-kind, excellent condition new vintage items have just been added to the 'SHOP MY STYLE' page of the blog! The most precious Oscar de la Renta summer dress and the Vera Wang silk dress are now both for sale!

Photos by lovely Barbara <3.

Happy shopping and for all inquires please contact me at!



WOW. In capitals. Not only the nanushka SS12 & FW12-23 fashion show was a bliss but it has also been announced that some real, bald, badly dressed and serious investor guys finally see potential in a fashion brand and nanushka gets real money. It's a turning point, not only in the brand's life but with this capital injection the first Hungarian fashion brand may carve its way to international success.

The show was a big success, the clothes were chic & comfy as always and Hungarian supermodel, Reka Ebergenyi made the investor guys' first fashion show unforgettable with her perfect breasts peeping under translucent tops.
After the announcement the audience gazed with hope & happy faces, it's really a big time for a small country like us. I wish nanushka the very best to take the whole business to a next level. Check out the SS12 collection for lovely, warm colour, savannah style outfits.

It was an extraordinary night as you see so I couldn't resist to wear something very special. Picking something nanushka would have been too obvious so I finally decided to go for something very classy.
Ladies, let me introduce you one of the most precious items of the garderobe, the YSL silky velvet dress.
It's a vintage 2-piece set and it has the softest and silkiest fabric I have ever touched.
I paired it with a lovely vintage fur jacket and my Mimco bag.

Hope you're happy about the happy news, too!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


With my growing love for vintage clothes, I've become a dress lady. It's funny how rarely I wear jeans or trousers these days, my garderobe is flooded with dresses and skirts. Someone said jeans are the perfect outfit for the lazy ones, ohho, I have to seriously disagree. A nice dress is the simplest outfit of all, you have the top and the bottom, nothing to mix or match, you just need a few pretty accessories to cheer it up and pair of lovely heels or comfy flats. When I'm late or having a morning nervous breakdown in front of the mirror, I'm always picking a pretty dress. Now clearly seeing this undeniable competitive advantage of them, I have many, the elegant ones, the romantic ones, the cool&edgy ones, the simple ones, the glamfunsequinpuffsleeves ones, surely one to fit my changing mood and the weather each and every day.
Today I went for this lovely vintage shirt dress, I love the blue shades and the checked print, the comfy cotton fabric and the front buttons. I wore it with vintage lace shoes, a neon orange belt from divided and an old camera necklace I found at the bottom of my jewellery box.
Go ladies, wear dresses!
I'm off to soak in the bath, I need to recharge my batteries.
Have a lovely night!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Tadaaam! I'm happy to announce that from today you can shop the KV vintage dresses you fancy at the 'SHOP MY STYLE' page of my blog. Should you have any questions about the items, please drop me an email, I'm happy to answer all your inquires!
I'm planning to have a small stall at a props market organized very soon, so if you're in downtown Budapest around the end of April you will also have the chance to see the dresses in person.

Happy shopping, ladies!!! I'm going to add another bunch of new arrivals very soon!


PS: and a big THANK YOU goes to my friend, Barbara for taking all these photos and to my boyfriend for creating this lovely new design for the blog. Kisses to you both! xxx

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hey ladies, I hope you're enjoying Easter and the long weekend as much as I do! Mr. Weatherman wasn't so nice and only wind and rain was projected for the long weekend but who cares? There's plenty to do at home! Today I ironed dozens of new vintage dresses, the whole garderobe is ready and excited to welcome the warm weather hopefully soon. In the meantime, I have to share this outfit photo, it was shot last weekend, when we were walking along a lovely street in the 7th district and found this squat house and an adorable yellow VW Beetle in front of it. This was the perfect location to shoot my new favourite find, the knitted maxi skirt. I call it the Lombok skirt as the colour and design reminds me to the pretty handmade knitted bags I found in a tiny shop on a Lombok island. I still regret not buying one of them there, but after finding this skirt I now have something very similar. I wonder if it was originally knitted there?

I wore it with my Gap denim jacket and my old Adidas sneakers. It was a sunny day and as you can see, Lulu did enjoy it as well. Not to mention the lovely company we had! Only 2 pugs can be better than one pug!
Have a lovely w-e!