Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lulu on her way to full recovery.

Yesterday was finally very stressful as I had to take Lulu to her doctor to have the operation. When she got the narcotics,she fell asleep in my arms like a ragdoll and I had to leave her there on the op table.. Luckily,it was a sunny day,so I could cry rivers behind my sunglasses on my way home,I was very worried. But Lulu is a strong little girl and everything went on fine,she was only a bit dizzy and confused when I finally took her home,and very clingy,I spent the rest of the evening caressing her on the sofa.. Today she is feeling much better and we had plenty of lovely visitors throughout the day,first lovely Nat,Tamas and their 1-year old son,Dylan,then we made lunch for Anna and Marci and we did some serious planning with the guys. It was a great day and it’s not over yet, I’m just on my way to Menza to have dinner with Phil&Jim.

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