Wednesday, March 30, 2011

oh, let's cross the line, dear!

the past few days have been disasterously depressing, I overdosed myself with painkillers on Sunday as my girlproblem resulted in very painful cramps, I had to cancel my business date with Anna, I was lying in front of the telly like a ragdoll with Lulu on my lap.

Monday work wasn’t much better either as I have a lot to do but I’m just paralyzed by the lack of motivation, I have already written my weekly to-do, illustrated it, so it’s really time to get things done!

My mild depression just melted away yesterday afternoon when I finally met Zsofi at the ‘bottomless lake’ and as we enjoyed the setting sun (summer clock from this weekend, woohoo) we discussed life in general. Zsofi really is my guru, she is the wisest 29 year-old I know:) After 20 circles around the lake I finally felt en pleine forme to do something nice, so instead of going into my usual tantrums, I prepared a delicieuse quiche lorraine for David, and it was rewarding!! Not only the food was great, he thought I’m the cutest girlfriend on earth waiting for him with a lovely dinner.

Oh, and have I mentioned our little CTL project with Anna? Our new motto is to cross the line, so instead of wearing the same boring and safe sets, we’re going to do a huge garderobe mix&match and come up with really mind-blowing new sets and ideas! Will keep you posted, 4 sure;)!


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