Monday, May 7, 2012


Sometimes you wake up, look in the mirror and realize you have a bad hair day. No matter how much effort you put in styling your hair, it's just going to be awful. I do have this problem today and instead of putting a paperbag with two holes for my eyes on my head, I finally decided to wear a hat. God bless all the hats, caps, beanies and scarves!!! The other day I was watching an episode of my fave series, Mad Men and I caught the moment where Joanie, the redhead BCBG slept in haircurlers. Poor thing!!! It can be the most uncomfortable thing on Earth! I was wondering how many of you, ladies, would go this far for a perfect hairdo for the next day?

As for my hair, I think it's not only a momentarily bad hair day, I'm really starting to dislike my hair. I've been trying to grow my hair long but I have to realize I'll never be any of those girls having long, flowy locks, it's just not growing at all! Worse, the longer it grows, the weaker and more fragile it gets and it's finally looking sad and unhealthy. I think I may have the thinnest hair on the planet! I could now sink low in self pity, but what if I'm simply no Emmeline of The Blue Lagoon? I may go for a pixie cut for summer.
I browsed the web for a few inspirations and I was amazed to see that dozens of sblogs are there for girls yearning for shorter hair.
I collected the styles I liked the most.
I'm still hesitating but most of them look very pretty!
How are you getting on with your hair, ladies? Which style do you like the most?
I may suprise you with a new do soon;)


  1. I'd love to have short hair, because I have the same problem, mine don't grow at all either, but
    one: I'm not that brave,
    two: it'd be much harder to deal with every morning
    and three: the growing phase is really awful :D
    I love it on everyone else though :]

  2. as for the pictures above - I really like the one with the camera, the blonde in the hat, but the one below that is also really great. but imagine it in the morning, I'd cry in desperation if I'd to style it for myself when I'm in a hurry. :D