Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hey, ladies!

I know this is a blog where I write about all the silly things happening to me and from time to time I share pretty or not-so-pretty outfit photos of my vintage treasures but at the end of the day I'm really dreaming of turning this little hobby of mine into something more meaningful.

Now, after 2 days of shooting the spring and summer dresses of the garderobe I started pondering over the chance of finally being able to sell any of them. I know dressing into vintage clothes is still in an early phase in my country, Budapest is still nowhere compared to London or Berlin but gosh, I would really love to prove that recycling all these lovely rags into your garderobe is fun! It's so easy to pull the granny chic off!

I truly hope that you will find this blog an autentic source for that, it became some kind of mission of mine to show how simple it is to give these flamboyant pieces a modern, urban edge.

So to finally be able to take all this to another level, my dear readers, I will heavily be relying on your feedback! Please feel free to leave comments and tips, I would love to see what you think.

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Here is a sneak peak on what's being soon available for sale.
The polka dot dress is a vintage Oscar de la Renta and the leather jacket is from Italy, probably from the early '80s.

Have a lovely day, I'm off to Prague this afternoon!


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