Saturday, December 3, 2011


I consider myself a pretty smart drinker, anytime we go partying, I'm layering whatever I'm drinking with plenty of water to make sure I don't get dehydrated and thus avoid having a terrible hangover. It's not the case today.
Gosh, I admit I do have a hangover. Triple X might be an explanation. When your best friends are reaching this magical number of years you do have to celebrate with attitude. We did so yesterday and I'm not saying I did care too much about water when we were dancing in mere happiness to tracks like 'Eye of the Tiger' yesterday night @ Merlin club.

My friends started to call me 'sexy granny' as usually I'm the one canceling parties, prefering staying in or if going out making sure I'm in bed by 2 am. I now it's pretty pathetic but I feel just too tired and old for a white night. And when finally this 'sexy granny' of me turns into a real party animal once in a while, despite all the terrible hangover of the day after I'm proud of myself. I'm proud because it means that I managed to let my controll freakness go. Even if just for one night.

Today is a no-brain day, so here is my best hangover recipe: cuddling with Lulu on the couch, watching Modern Family, eating quiche, drinking tons of green tea.

Oh, and this is what I was wearing for this very special Triple X occasion: vintage tartan wraparound skirt, Guns 'n' Roses tee from H&M, boots from ASOS.


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