Monday, December 12, 2011


I was wondering how this blog should really function, I mean to what extent should I share inner thoughts and feelings or instead of being personal should I just post photos of lovely vintage outfits and eye candies. I haven't decided yet. All I know for sure that at the moment it feels good to write about things that are on my mind. It might make me even more vulnerable and exposed to public despise but I decided not to care anymore. So if you're bored with my long babblings about how I feel or how my life is, please feel free to skip the text and just check out the outfit photos. At some point when I'll be more experienced with the whole blogging thing, I'll find the right text-illustration proportion for sure. :)

So now after this long intro I feel more comfortable with admitting that I feel terribly confused and sad today. It might be the consequence of the grey and gloomy weather and contrast between all the lovely people/nice things in London and Bruxelles and the grumpy faces/bad taste at home but I cannot stop thinking that something is wrong with my life. It might just be some sort of mid-life crisis and I'm still seeking the right attitude, but the fact is that I'm not sure if I feel happy on the track I'm currently on. Should I just consider this as a great challenge? Will fighting against all the adverse conditions finally make me strong and happy or should I take it as a sign to change and make that desired shift towards something all new and different, maybe choose a new track to follow?

Awww, ain't easy to answer, right?
All I know for sure that I will cure the uncertainty and sadness with spicy tomato soup and goat cheese toast tonight.
I would never deprive you from some new outfit photos, here is one from the Bruxelles weekend, I'm still selecting the ones shot with my friend's DSLR and I'll come back with a full photo recap for sure!
On this photo we are having fun at the Budapest airport before taking off and this is what I'm wearing:
vintage pleated mini skirt, vintage knitted top, asos knee highs and boots.

take care, mes belles!

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