Friday, November 18, 2011


* A N N E   O F   G R E E N   G A B L E S*
I know, mes belles, it’s getting a bit boring, having my daily outfit inspiration from a child novel for the second time now, but it’s so true, Anne of Green Gables was an absolute favourite character of mine as a child, her whole world was soo romantic that I was craving to do the same things, I even wanted to move to Prince Edward Island in Canada, I checked it on the map.
When I had to give my re-localization plan up, I tried to imitate the same things at my grandparents little village, I was so impressed how Anne loved the nature that as a dedication I went on hour long walks in the surrounding forests talking to the trees and birds and freaking my poor grandparents out who had no clue where I disappeared.
Even though I did not become a French teacher and my love’s name is not Gilbert Blythe and we are not living in a charming little village in the 1880s, I still love to play with the thought (and the dresses).

So here is today’s outfit, mes belles, worn in the smog covered Budapest, an adorable vintage Laura Ashley flannel dress with a romantic rose print.
Vintage coat & scarf, the hat is from H&M.

I hope you’ll all have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. wow, very nice outfits :) I am in love with this hat, but it's impossible to find it in H&M stores since it's from the summer collection :( Not on ebay, not on any other sites... let me know if you happen to know it's available somewhere please :) Or if you want to sell it someday... :P cheers!

  2. awww, I know, it's my fave hat, I'll definitely let you know if I come accross the same style anywhere;)! xoxo

  3. kind of you, cheers :) keep on bloggin!