Monday, January 16, 2012


The other day I was having this interesting discussion with my boyfriend on the concept of recycling and reusing goods and we both agreed that wearing vintage clothes is a rather eco-friendly hobby as I'm not buying anything new, I'm just restyling these 10, 20 or even 30+ year-old items.

But I'm a bit confused when it comes to vintage furs. I do care about animal walfare, I buy free range eggs and meat, I had plenty of homeless cats and dogs, a whole animal hospital in my father's garage, Gerald Durrel was my role model and for years my dream was becoming a vet.
Now being obsessed with the whole vintage thing I felt very weird when my mom told me she had a really nice surprise for me and it turned out that it was her old cossack fur hat from the '80s.
Despite the initial disapproval I discovered how incredibly warm the hat was and now, after discussing this whole reusing/recycling concept I feel a bit more confident wearing these vintage fur clothes.
Here is my list of pros and cons.

They are incredibly warm.
They were made ages ago.
They would just probably end up in the garbage or moth-eaten.
They are pretty.
They go so well with vintage dresses.

I'm wearing the skins and furs of dead animals - awkward!
No, I don't think that I can make that part acceptable. Anyway, I don't have any non-vintage and non-fur winter coats at the moment and it's very very cold in Budapest. Minus 5 today. And I'm re-using them.

All frowns of disapproval are accepted.
I'm still publishing today's outfit photo, I really loved the combination of the colours fudge and silver, brown and grey.

Night, night, mes belles, I'm too tired.


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