Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I was not planning on writing a long post on these lovely photos, I was thinking I would let the colours speak. Really. Me, the back in two years absolutely monochrome girl having all these colours in my wardrobe? It truly makes me smile. The other day I was having an evening rendez-vous with sis and she couldn't help gasping when seeing my outfit. I was wearing colours. Bright blue, ruby red, mesmerizing fuchsia and orange. With gold, oh, tons of gold accessories. I might have overdone it a bit but since being back from Asia I'm missing those vibrant colours so so much so I have to use my own weapons to fight the Budapest grey.

So here is another loud and proud colour combination for you, mes belles. I'm wearing a vivid green vintage skirt with lovely front pleats and golden buttons, a pink top from H&M, an old cotton blazer and my Asos wedges.



  1. Great outfit!love ur skirt!

    Come and visit my blog and we can follow each other if you want!

  2. hey Stacey, thank you!!! I really love your blog, especially your inspiration posts!! Really great sets! You're totally followed.