Saturday, January 14, 2012


I find the change radical.
This time last week I was probably sipping on an icecold lime juice on a lovely terrace in Bali and I was probably wearing one of the 5(!!!) tops, all of them 100% cotton, that I permitted myself to pack for the whole 3 week journey in Asia. Now, being back to Budapest with all the lovely vintage clothes in the closet I feel a bit out of my usual daily mix'n'match routine. Yesterday I caught myself standing puzzled in front of my beautiful garderobe and missing a bit all the sans souci outfits of Bali.

But don't worry mes belles, I promise I won't turn into some sort of bohemian Bahia lady wearing just sarongs and tees and not posting any vintage eye candies anymore.

Haha, hell no!

Here is one of last week's lovely outfits, a true one of a kind knitted polka dot pencil skirt and a very FW10 Chanel inspired blazer.
Both of them vintage.

I'll be back with some new treasures next week!
Till then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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