Friday, February 17, 2012


Hey-yooo, the kicking-ass brand new Dazed February playlist is plugged in my ears and the fresh MIA track, Bad Girls is the perfect soundtrack for this Friday afternoon end-of-the-week state of mind of mine.

Bad news is that I'm grounded for tonight as after choosing the perfect outfit for this grey, Siberian snowy day I fell badly when walking Lulu, yepp, it was the ice under the freshly fallen snow, I just bumped my knee so badly that I can barely walk now.

Yes, it's the same leg I have the hematome in, I'm starting to think I'm damned for my entire life and gravity has this special effect on me. I have always been this falling, bumping into everything since I was a child, not much progress here since.. This is the reason I'm not driving and this is the reason my boyfriend gave this adorable 'ouch' kit for me for valentine's, packed with heart printed and shaped adhesive patches.

So, tonight is the night to catch up on this week's fave series premieres, watch the available Oscar nominees and wash some lovely new vintage treasures. And drink some tasty pinot, because it's been a tough week @ work.

Please note that the outfit photos were taken before the fall, I wish you could see the after ones when I was removing the torn, bloody tights and I have been walking around with this 'ouch, it really hurts' face in the office.
Yepp, the feeling TGIF & sexxxxy part was definitely gone.

This is what I'm (was) wearing: a lovely tee from KL, a printed Divided scarf, my ghetto biatch earrings, my indispensable vintage denim shorts, my Hunters as it's been snowing all day and somw wollen knitted socks.

So it's Friday. Do something great.


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  1. óvatosan! :D
    illetve: de nagyon szeretnék már egy én is egy hunter csizmát...
    a kutyás meg ismerős ;]