Wednesday, February 22, 2012


If you asked me which shoes I've been craving the most last year, the answer would be so easy! The Jeffrey Campbell Litas! Perfectly designed platform heels totally revamping any outfit they are accompanying! When I bumped into the irresistable black friday sales on back in November, a true dream came true (cheesy, I know), a pair of gorgeous JC Lanas landed in my virtual basket. Then I had the accident and the Siberian weather, so the girls had to wait in their lovely box for weeks, but today I could officially show them off! Yepp, ladies, let me introduce you my beloved Lanas.
Hope you'll love the first mixnmatch they inspired, I couldn't resist to pair them with this quirky, sunny yellow!
Spring is here soon, ladies, long live the JC and his incredible shoes!

This is what I'm wearing: Mickey Mouse tee - Urban Outfitters, denim pencil skirt & fur coat - vintage, JC Lanas.


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