Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hey ladies, as promised earlier today, here is today's outfit post, a brief one, as I'm literally braindead, sorry. I've been very busy with many different things lately and I'm so happy that many pretty vintage dresses have found new owners already! Tomorrow the garderobe will be open for a few hours in the early evening, I'm really excited about the whole gig. The dresses are all clean and ironed, waiting for you on the standers, it will be pretty hard to say goodbye to some of them!
Here is one of my favourite ones, the aztec print dress. I love the colours and the shape of the dress so much! I really felt Coachella inspired this morning so I paired it with white crochet socks and my brown leather flats. I cannot wait for the festival season to begin!
Have a good night ladies, hope to see some of you tomorrow! <3

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