Thursday, April 26, 2012


I saw a friend's post today morning on facebook complaining about the cold and rainy weather in Brussels. Poor thing! I'm really lucky as here in Budapest the sunny days have finally arrived! We have a long weekend ahead of us with pretty promising temperature (almost 30 degrees on Sunday) and lots of sun!
With the warm weather downtown Budapest turns into a mini festival scene, the open air places become crowded and nothing is nicer than sip on an ice cold pink rose spritzer on a terrace after a hard day at work.
And I do have some hard days at the office this week so to beat the higher tension and pressure, I'm riding my bike every day and I'm always wearing something that cheers me up. Haha, I fight the stress with vintage clothes!
These flower print trousers are the comfiest ones ever, the fabric is super soft, it actually feels like wearing nothing!

This is what I'm wearing: vintage flower print trousers, Divided top, lace socks, Asos flats & sunglasses.

I'm off to the office early this morning as I have way too much things to do but I promise I'll be back with pretty surprises this weekend!

Happy sunny day!

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