Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This season I'm in LOVE with maxi dresses. I haven't really worn maxi skirts or dresses in the past few years and with this growing obsession about vintage clothes, I've rediscovered them.
They make you look tall and feminine and this particular dress on the photo is making a lovely whizzing sound while walk. Isn't is pretty?
I wore it for a special occasion (I cannot really complain, there are many these days), we had a press conference for one of our TV channels (my real workplace) and I paired it with a vintage fur coat and my wedges but I hid the heels under the skirt so at the end of the day everyone thought I was very tall.
I told you, maxi skirts/dresses are awesome;)

Now, I have 3 bags of new arrivals to clean & iron, have a nice evening ladies <3

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  1. Hi gurl, this is a splendid outfit, loving how you styled up your maxi dress. Loving also the color and prints in this outfit!