Wednesday, April 11, 2012


With my growing love for vintage clothes, I've become a dress lady. It's funny how rarely I wear jeans or trousers these days, my garderobe is flooded with dresses and skirts. Someone said jeans are the perfect outfit for the lazy ones, ohho, I have to seriously disagree. A nice dress is the simplest outfit of all, you have the top and the bottom, nothing to mix or match, you just need a few pretty accessories to cheer it up and pair of lovely heels or comfy flats. When I'm late or having a morning nervous breakdown in front of the mirror, I'm always picking a pretty dress. Now clearly seeing this undeniable competitive advantage of them, I have many, the elegant ones, the romantic ones, the cool&edgy ones, the simple ones, the glamfunsequinpuffsleeves ones, surely one to fit my changing mood and the weather each and every day.
Today I went for this lovely vintage shirt dress, I love the blue shades and the checked print, the comfy cotton fabric and the front buttons. I wore it with vintage lace shoes, a neon orange belt from divided and an old camera necklace I found at the bottom of my jewellery box.
Go ladies, wear dresses!
I'm off to soak in the bath, I need to recharge my batteries.
Have a lovely night!

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