Friday, October 28, 2011


Mes belles, let me introduce you the newest addition to the garderobe, these high waisted, lovely khaki corduroy pants. They remind me to those pants I used to wear when I was just a small schoolgirl and it was my mom picking the clothes for me every morning. It’s always been a big fight as I was always messing up her choices, I kinda already did the garderobe mix’n’match thing, but more unconsciously. Then she realized it’s easier if she leaved it all on me so she just gave me some guidelines like ‘wear tights with the skirt it’s cold outside’ and I was the happiest person on earth picking my outfit every day. Soon I got my own pocket money and as it was not enough to buy new clothes at the local boutiques I went to my hometown’s only thriftshop and I remember how delightful it felt to find a velvet turtleneck top and a lovely kilt at the bottom of a pile, both in my size!!! I think that was the very moment I fell in love with thrift shops and the whole treasure hunt thing.
I have some gorgeous new items added to the garderobe this week, one of them is a super soft leather jacket from the ’80s with bat sleeves and bright mustard yellow, orange and turquoise colours. It’s the sort of jacket I may dedicate to a super extravagant friend of ours as it’s totally her style. Photos soon.
Oh and here is a photo of the corduroy pants, I hope you’ll like it. I wore it with a soft sweater from Vera Moda and my indispensable black boots. I just realized I’ve been using our bedroom’s blue door as a background for all my outfit photos lately but I love it so much!!! I hope you’re not bored with it, it adds a little twist to all outfits.
Now I gotta go, mes belles, it’s Saturday morning and I have to take Lulu down for a wee!
Have a wonderful long weekend!

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