Monday, October 3, 2011


hello mes belles,

This absolutely crazy, I think I need a training on time management or something, every weekend passes by like a sigh (ohoho, I’m very poetic today). I’m planning ahead so many things to do and then I’m ending up sitting on the couch on Sunday evening wondering about how come I didn’t really have time for any of those things on my list…

It’s not like I’m not doing anything at all, but I’m working so hard in the office from Monday to Friday that I really wanna squeeze all the things I LOVE to do in these 2 days and that’s it. It’s Monday again and still a lot on my list..

I did some really exciting things though!!! On Saturday, it was so very sunny that it almost felt like a late summer day, which is kind of weird for the first day of October. But we did profit from the lukewarm sunny weather and visited my second dad (ex-husband of my mom and not my biological father but a loveable friend though) in a tiny and adorable village in the Danube bend and went on a trip in the woods to do a little photoshoot on the latest F/W vintage items in my garderobe.

OMG, you gotta see the photos soon! David is so great with his camera, I find the photos he made truly amazing, a perfect fit for these beautiful vintage clothes! I cannot wait to make a post on that very soon!!!

On Sunday we did another photoshoot, this time for one of my best friends, Titi, she just turned 30 and as she is stilly young and beautiful we offered her the photoshoot as a present, so that she can show her kids how their gorgeous mummy looked like when she was young & fabulous & crazy. Mostly crazy.

The photos were made by a professional, a great friend and a true talent, Andy.

I cannot wait to show you the results - but till then, here are some werk photos.

Location - our home. Photo assistant - Barbara. Make-up, hair & styling - me:).

Have a lovely week, mes belles!


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