Monday, October 10, 2011


hellos mes belles, today is a very special day as one of my best friends, Sophie’s baby was born this morning.
This is incredible. I know, that’s how life is, right? You grow up, get a job, have a boyfriend, get settled and then have lots of children, a dog and live your adult life. But it feels so extraordinary when it’s happening to you and your friends!

Sophie is a great friend, she is the one giving me advice when life seems too messy and tough, she is the one not giving me the words I wanna hear but always something wise and adult.She is my guru.

And now she’s become a mom. It’s awesome. She is going to be great, I’m absolutely sure. Her son, Beni, a double Libra is going to be the most well-balanced baby on earth.

Welcome Beni <3

You have now 7 aunties to count on.

Even if one of them is a crazy vintage lady.



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