Thursday, October 13, 2011


The other day I was reading lovely Annika’s post on how we overplan every single minute of our lives and I could not stop thinking about it because she just nailed it.

I mean there’s this constant desire to fully utilize our time and we end up being so frustrated about all the things we have to do that the whole thing looses its positive context. It just makes us worried and stressed out. And then we think, okay, this is a hard time now but when we’ll go on holiday it will be very different, we’ll relax and chill out and take care of our souls’ needs.

Or that’s what at least I thought when we went on a 3-week holiday last year to Asia and as the date of departure was approaching I totally freaked out, I read the entire lonely planet book on our itinerary, visited all forums, noted useful hints & tips until I felt fully prepared. And then we arrived and I won’t say planning ahead was not useful but it was there I realized how important spontaneity is. That’s how after one week I managed to let my plan go and when a cool couple from Kent asked if we wanted to join them hopping to an island not on our list we said why not and those 6 days turned out to be the best part of the whole journey.
I know it has to do something with our ego being afraid of mortality giving us this urge to get the plan right, that’s how we feel secure.

As a Virgo, for me it’s even worse my whole life is in pre-written chapters and spreadsheets in my head. Even if a bit slowly but I learn to let it go…

Sorry for this long and probably boring post, mes belles, I just wanted to tell you that adding spontaneity to your life is not easy but it’s rewarding.

This is what wore today: a turquoise coloured vintage sweater found at a lovely Sunday morning market in Berlin, high waisted red shorts & black boots from Asos and a simple black blazer I don’t remember from where. oh, and the red beret is also vintage!



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