Tuesday, October 18, 2011


hello mes belles, long time, no post. I know, I’m really sorry I’ll try to keep you updated even if my hormones are just making me moody and sad and not inspired at all to post anything. But it’s all gone now, I’ve decided to follow this great, wise advice (very cliché): ‘Mind over matter’.

Yesterday I felt a bit sick and gloomy and so sad that I almost started to cry in my self-agony at the office. To give myself a great treat I went home early, had a long and steaming bath with a great book on Indonesia and a cup of hot tea and aspirin and then I felt reborn.

Today I’m again the usuaal happy and busy me, wearing a beautiful vintage outfit I didn’t have time in the morning to take a photo of, but I won’t leave you without nice illustration for this post, mes belles!

Here you go, here are the lovely photos of last weekend’s excursion session, this time to a beautiful place called Királyrét. If you would like to translate it, it’s Kings’ Meadow, it’s in the Danube Bend and it’s hills and colourful woods and fallen leaves all over. It was sunny and the air was so fresh and smelled marvellous!

We started to follow a tourist sign, a blue square which turned out to lead us nowhere special so after a long, 3-hour walk up on a hill we decided to go back to a lovely clearing to grill some sausages. Wow, I think food prepared in such nomad circumstances are always the best! You cannot add the taste of smoke to your food at home. Or you can do, David the other day bought a small bottle of liquid smoke, but it cannot be the same!

Anyway. A last round of hot wine in the rest-house was a great treat after the long walk and in the chillingly cold evening weather and I’m not exaggerating if I say I had a greatest sleep at night after this trip for a long-long time.

I cannot wait to plan our next trip!

Now work and work. There are some lovely new vintage outfits recently added to the garderobe, I’ll make sure I’ll keep you posted on that one as well. You’ll only have to sleep a few more weeks and it’s all becoming available.

Soon, mes belles!



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