Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello mes belles, sorry for disappearing for the past two days but thanks to All Saints Day, Monday and Tuesday were both off, we got a long weekend and it was packed with programs!
It’s now the last evening and David had to go to his office to edit an advertisment so I’m alone in the house and I just realized that it’s the Sunday evening blues that is slowly crawling into the living room making me sad that the long weekend is not ahead of me but it’s over and I have to go to work tomorrow.
It should’t be like this but it’s so easy to feel this self-pity and despair.
Ok, you know what? I will try to turn this into something positive. I will make a list of the things that made me happy this weekend. Here you go, mes belles:
*a lovely Friday night with amazing Pinot Noir and girly chat with a long time not seen friend
*a funny and interesting photo shoot @ our place - being part of an amazing photo project that I will have to tell more about later
*an amazing night with another long time not seen friends with home made vegan food, great vine and amazing atmosphere
*lunch @ Momotaro, best ramen in town
*visiting cemetery @ my gradnparents’ lovely village
*amazing autumn colours of the forest en route
*a squirrel crossing the road en route
*Sena new album launch concert @ boat A38 with friends
*after-party yummy quesadilla @ El Rapido
*lovely lazy aftenoon walk on Margaret island with David’s French relatives, speaking French again, collecting beautiful leaves
*smell of banana-cashew nut muffins in the oven
Ok. I’m feeling much better as amazing things are happening to me. Each and every day. And no matter how much work is waiting for me from tomorrow I’ll be just fine. Have you realized I’ve been writing down amazing like 5 times in this post? Haha,that’s my new mantra word!
Oh, and I hope you’ll LOVE this beautiful gauged sleeves vintage dress, I feel so special anytime I’m wearing it. It’s the kind of dress I’ve been dreaming of when I was a little girl reading of Anne Shirley of Green Gables. Her love for gauged sleeves was just contagious. I’m wearing it with lovely tights from ASOS.
Have a great week, mes belles, full of amazing things.

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