Saturday, October 8, 2011


hello mes belles.
Fall arrived yesterday morning with a chilling wind, a mist of rain, grey clouds and grumpy people all over the streets of downtown Budapest. I know fall is summer’s cheeky little brother and he is a moody one but I LOVE this season. I love the colours, smells, how it brings people closer in their warm and cozy homes, love pumpkin & plum, the taste of beaujolais nouveau and roast goose and the fact that I can finally wear my fall gardrobe. Here is what I picked for today, a lovely vintage shirt with a retro floral pattern, my fave Levi’s denim shorts, a burgundi colour lipshade matching my tights and a funny floppy hat, making me smile. These pics were taken @ the park behind my mum’s place @ my hometown, the countryside can be so much nicer than Budapest not only during fall but anytime!

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