Sunday, November 20, 2011


You know this feeling, right? When you’re back to your hometown and all seems so familiar and stirs up so many long forgotten memories. Today I did this travel back in time when walking along the main square of my city with my teenage years best friend, Szilvi, sipping on mulled wine and laughing out loud remembering to all the mischiefs we did together. I was really happy that after Budapest and Berlin, the third Szimpla, a really cool bar, now opened in Vac, so we took a chance on checking out the place. It’s an old, shabby baroque downtown house turned into a ruin pub, with a tastefully designed garden and interior, and a lovely girl serving yummy mulled wine. It’s really worth a visit if you’re passing by! I wore my vintage fur jacket, my vintage Levi’s short, Asos boots and a vintage leather bag.


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