Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Mes belles, here is the photo project I mentioned in my earlier post. Our super-talented photographer friend has this amazing concept, he is taking the photo of his friends in their homes and he is going to shoot the same bunch of people in their living space in 5 and then in 10 years. It’s a project that takes time but ends up in the most interesting album ever.
Wouldn’t you want to picture yourselves in 5 and oh, my God, in 10 years?!
It’s giving me goosebumps to be part of the project, it’s a real time-capsule!!! You can check out his incredible collection of Friends in their homes’ here.
The photos you can see in this post are our living room, my vintage garderobe and David’s studio & playground. I’m so in love with our apartment, it’s on the top floor of a really old building and all you can see from our ivy framed windows are old, shabby rooftops with old, curvy tiles. It’s a small piece of Paris.
We’ve been living here for 2 years and even if we are paying a fortune on mortgage each month, it’s a piece of our own and it makes us happy. We are happy to share it with our dog, Lulu and 2 canary birds.
And I’m absolutely sure (even if this time-capsule thing is freaking me out a bit) no matter where we will live in 5 or 10 years we will still be us and happy.

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