Monday, November 14, 2011


Oh, mes belles, it’s insanely cold these days in Budapest. Seriously. I can feel it in my bones. Which is not good news as it is probably an early sign of a future rheumatism. Niiice. But really, I was talking to a friend currently living in Moscow and he had this story about an old lady who prefered winter in Moscow to Budapest. She was convinced that there is a winter wind in Budapest that goes right under your skin and no fur coat or cossack hat can protect you! It’s so true. These days I lost my dressing-up appetite a bit and I feel more like wearing flannel pyjamas and watching Modern Family whole day. Instead of doing this I have to work my #ss off as the final countdown has begun, in 4 weeks time we are going on our annual holiday to a far far far away destination and there’s so much to take care of before that!
Gotta go and do some very important stuff now, so take care mes belles, and please please forgive me not posting regularly these days. It’ll all change once. And here is a lovely photo taken @ Fridge winter festival the other day, Lulu was with us, but I took her in my bag as it was too crowdy. Please note the beautiful vintage fur coat I’m wearing.

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