Friday, November 11, 2011


hello mes belles, it’s officially winter time in Hungary! Yesterday temperature dropped by almost 10 degrees and it’s so cold that I needed to get my warm wintercoats out of the garderobe quickly to save myself from freezing to death on my way to the office.
It was just Thursday so not the BIG bright lettered FRIDAY, I had a lovely program waiting for me at the end of the day: the first night of the 4-day winter festival taking place at the beautiful more than 100 year old ice rink in Budapest. Armed with many layers of clothes and spicy hot wine I had a really great time, dancing @ a Parov Stelar live concert is always warming you up. I was laughing with my friend Barbara as the last time we saw the band at BalatonSound summer festival, it was soo sizzling, we were almost melting and we were dancing in the front row in bikinis and the singer was sprinkling the audience with a hose-pipe!!!

I was wearing a royal blue hooded wintercoat, a giant vintage sweater, my mum’s vintage fur cossack hat and oldgold leggings from H&M.
Have a lovely weekend, mes belles!


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