Friday, November 4, 2011


Mes belles, today is a very important day because it was the 4th November when the sweetest creature on Earth, the cutest pug in town, Lulu was born.
Lulu is 2 today and she is a true blessing, completely changed our lives and she is a true member of our family.
I remember how I’ve been begging David for a dog for ages and every time I opened a birthday or Christmas present I cannot say I was not a little bit always disappointed that it was not a dog. Then we had this serious, adult-like conversation and David said I could have a dog if it was MY dog and MY responsibility. It’s a long-term decision. I knew it was true. Having a dog is not only costly but requires true dedication, cosistence and time. They say having a dog is only for those that cannot be talked out of it.
When we finally agreed on all the conditions of keeping a dog I already knew that I wanted a pug. It’s the cutest breed on Earth and it’s not only suitable for those living in the city and not having a garden (sleeping 14 hours a day) but it’s also the most sociable creature, getting on so well with children and other animals. I’m not saying that proper training is not needed but today Lulu is dog we can take to restaurant or basically anywhere knowing that she’ll be fine and everyone will just love her.
Here are the cutest photos of her childhood, mes belles.
Happy birthday big girl, it’s your day!


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