Monday, November 21, 2011


It’s an ugly, grey and freezingly cold Monday morning, your alarm beeps at 7 am, you can barely open your eyes and then, under the shower you are thinking why not to turn this depressing and gloomy morning into something crazy and fun?
That was the point when I decided to wear it. It’s been winking at me from the garderobe for days and its moment has finally arrived. The Clown Coat.
That is my armor today, that is how I will fight the Monday morning blues and the grumpy faces and some bitchy people around me.
May the Clown Coat be with me!
This is what I wear: vintage Clown Coat, vintage Fabergé high waist denim skirt, vintage striped tee, nanushka hoodie top, Asos wedges.
Have a wonderful week, mes belles!

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